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The Venue

Introducing BMFA Buckminster
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3D Championship 2007 – Event Review

Friday was a day of wind and showers and not much flying got done. But that meant that there was plenty of helpers to set up all the barriers, banners and the sound system. A pretty uneventful day but an interesting set of demos from the Spartan RC chaps on their static rig – outside when the weather allowed and inside when it was wet.


Saturday morning started around 8:00 AM, getting people on the car park barrier and starting to put together transmitter control and the score centre. The sound system was set up again and tested to make sure flights to music would work well for pilots, judges and the spectators.

The trade stands of Fastlad, Climbout, Motors and Rotors, ZipRC, and Blitz RC were all setup and ready for business, and the rest of the field and judges area and spectators areas had all been carefully marked out. The conditions had been pretty good in the run up the event which meant we had full use of the whole of LHC’s facility making it much easier to have everything exactly where we wanted it to be.

The pilots started to arrive and assemble their gear in the pits and everyone seemingly quite relaxed. By 10:30 AM, all competing pilots were on site and the pilot briefing was given, and all pilots wished the best of luck for the competition ahead. The 3D Championship fleeces were handed out and the pilots and judges were gathered for the group photo.

Due to the weather forecasts and the clear skies above we decided that the competition wouldn’t start until 1:30pm in order to give the pilots the chance to have a “test hover” to make sure their helis were working ok. Some pilots went out straight away but others waited until the end of this session, which was interesting when we told them they had 5 minutes left. And at least 5 of them went up for a flight at the same time and seemed to be going though their routines – at one point someone did a tail slide through someone else’s pie dish. At this point we asked them all to land so we could get the competition underway.

The competition, day 1

So with the judges in place (Russ Deakin, Dean Jackson, Nigel Fraser Ker and Jon Fox), Roger Hamilton took the microphone in hand and kicked off the proceedings, introducing the first pilot of the Intermediates group for their set manoeuvres round.

With the Intermediate set manoeuvres round completed, a short break was taken and Dave Wiltshire and Jamie Cole flew a demo of the Razor 600E before the competition re-commenced with the Champions group flying the Freestyle round – which went extremely well except for a few pilots who had engine troubles, which was a real shame!

Once the Champions freestyle round was finished, and having got through the competitive flights like clockwork, we decided to make good use of the fine weather for the rest of the day and have a small fun fly, allowing the competitors the chance to have a little fly around and blow some of the tension away. It certainly seemed to do the trick as the day went superbly well and the atmosphere was really very relaxed.

Saturday evening fun

Saturday evening for several people was spent in the LHC barn messing around with the Phoenix simulators and big screen projectors. There was also a lot of fun had with small electric helicopters, cars, and shockies out side flying and driving by flood light. There definately was some great 450 flying although some of it possibly a little too close to the hire van for comfort!

Sunday – Competition day 2

Sunday morning rolled up and another 8:00 AM start for some, with the car park barrier manned and the pilots returning from the nights rest and spectators arriving in a steady stream.

There was a short pilots briefing at 10:30 AM and then straight onto the Intermediates Freestyle round with some exceptional flying from guys who have never competed and also from those a bit more experienced. That round was done and dusted and so another break followed with Andy Hornyak providing a heartstopping Synergy N9 demo flight.

The Champions group started their set manoeuvres round once the break was over and, again, these were all completed without incident. With an hour lunch break scheduled in before the next round was to start, we had a flight demo from Andy Hornyak and a speech from Colin Mill of CSM with his demo rig (very interesting as usual!).

First round results

With the first rounds for both groups now completed, the scores were totted up by Nigel Revill, and, once checked and verified, they were published and the top 5 pilots from each group progressed through to the fly-off finals.

Champions group final 5

Duncan Osbourn
Stuart Mott
Wes Crockett
Daniel Crozier
Trevor Burley

Intermediates group final 5

Richard Mead
Sam Tse
Steve Roberts
Rob Shaw
Ashley Davis

The top five pilots in both groups had their scores from their previous rounds zeroed and the battle began again. Both groups were to perform their set manouevres round first, with the Intermediates taking the lead, swiftly followed by the Champions. These rounds were all flown back to back and in pretty quick succession too, mostly due to the firm hand of the pit manager Mark! This round was followed by a short comfort break in which Bob Johnston performed one of his usual amazing demos playing with the hedges, trees and the clouds, and finishing with a truly spectacular auto to a deserved round of applause!

Back to the competition and the Intermediates freestyle round began with little in the way of problems, other than an electric heli having some power issues. Then it was time for the Champions to strut there stuff and do their freestyle round. Wow, there was some really awesome flights, with Duncan Osbourn being the only pilot in the finals to fly to music, but also the only pilot to suffer any issues – with only five seconds left of his freestyle flight he had a failure on his heli and he safely dumped it on the ground to end his flight slightly early. Once the flights were all done, Ade Law and Charlie Cave performed a duo demo flight with their Knight 3D’s whilst we prepared ourselves for the raffle draw.

The raffle

The raffle had some amazing prizes which we are truly grateful to our sponsors for providing the event with! The crowd seemed suitably entertained by the idiots drawing the raffle (Mike and Rob), and once all the prizes had been taken, the big moment had arrived – thanks once again to Nigel Revill who had worked tirelessy to get the score sheets from the judges and into the computer through the hectic last stages of the competition.

The competition results

Now was the time everyone had been waiting for – the results of the competition with a table full of trophies sponsored by AlignUK and Skyline Models, accompanied by a set of raffle prizes for the pilots only.

Every pilot received a trophy, with the top three in each class receiving incrementally larger trophies, all of which were engraved glass with the Align UK logo on the top three position trophies and Skyline Models logo on everyone else’s.

The results were read out in reverse order, and the pilots all came up to receive their trophies one by one with the tension over the Champions group winner mounting. The final scoresheets for the Intermediates group and for the Champions group showing just how close the result was in the end!

Champions group winners

Duncan Osbourn (1) Stuart Mott (2) Wes Crockett (3)

Intermediates group winners

Richard Mead (1) Sam Tse (2) Steve Roberts (3)

Bob Johnston did the honours and presented all the pilots with their trophies, and then, a suprise for the top three pilots in each group (although one from each group declined so the 4th place pilot from each group was given the chance instead) – Sean Brown kindly donated a 15 minute flying lesson in his superb Bell 47 GII full size helicopter, and the winner of that was randomly drawn by Sean himself from 6 tickets, and ended up being Duncan Osbourn – can he do anything else but win?!

So, congratulations to all the winners, and here they are again with their helicopters.

Champions top 5 Intermediates top 5

Once the presentations were done and the thank yous given out to everyone who had helped make the event so successful, it was time for the all important victory flights, which were impressive to say the least – Richard Mead thumped his Trex600n into the deck after a lengthy and very impressive display of flying, followed by Duncan Osbourn who performed another fantastic flight to music, and no sign of heli trouble with this model, thankfully.


As we look back over the whole weekend we couldn’t be happier. We had great weather and a super human support team without whom the event would not have run as smoothly as it did (or possibly at all!). We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, and although very tiring, it was a great deal of fun, It’s great to know so many people enjoyed it, and helped to create the nice relaxed atmosphere that covered the entire weekend.

The whole event was created, managed and run by a team of dedicated people who wanted nothing else than to see the event work well and who devoted their time and efforts free of charge to this end. It was decided early on that any profits this years event brought in would be donated to cancer research UK, and we can finally announce that over the course of the weekend, we managed to raise a grand total of £767.19, including the cash raised by the kids selling conkers, which I think we can all agree is a roaring success!

We would like to thank…

Sean brown for the use of his superb facilities at Leamington Hobby Centre.

Jeff Barringer for giving us the opportunity to put this event on using his 3DX system.

Russ Deakin, Dean Jackson, Nigel Fraser Ker and Jon Fox, for accepting the invitation to be the judges, and for doing an outstanding job of it too.

All of the pilots for entering the competition – it would have been a pretty boring competition without you!

Roger Hamilton of Climb-Out.com for accepting the invitation to compere the proceedings, and also doing a great job.

Nigel Revill for his scoring system and deft hand at working so quickly and accurately – job well done, sir!

The exceptionally hard working and unpaid team of helpers – in no particular order… Mark Ayriss, Pete Ayriss, Wendy Millard, Martha Millard, Sue Woodbridge, Bill Smout, Steve Boothman and Katie, James Robinson and Richard Knowles – seriously������� thank you for all your help throughout the entire weekend!

We would especially like to thank all the sponsors of the event and the raffle, without whom the event simply would not have happened.

Thanks again from Mike Eddington and Rob Turnbull!

More photos

Please view the 2007 image gallery for a selection of photos…

Thanks to Andy Shrimpton for taking many great photo’s on the Sunday. We have also used photos from James Robinson and www.fly3dx.com – some great shots here guys, thank you!

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