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The Venue

Introducing BMFA Buckminster
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3D Championship Grass Roots

Competitor list

The list of competitors for this years Grass Roots competition is now online.

What is Grass Roots about

The idea of this competition is to give grass roots pilots the chance to compete and to help progress their flying to the level they want to achieve. We understand that not everyone wants to compete at a top level, but some people would still like to have a go at competition flying (because it can be great fun!), and this is where the 3D Championship Grass Roots competition comes in.

3D Championship Grass Roots takes over the mantle from the Clubman competition, and puts in place a competition where people can compete for the first time, without having to fly against pilots who can compete at Championship level. It is a fun and rewarding competition environment intended to grow the sport and get more people involved at every level.

The format is simple

The competition happens all in one day (or just a few hours, depending upon competitor numbers).

All competitors will fly two rounds and the winner is decided based on those scores. There are no fly-offs or finals.

The first round is the Set Manoeuvres round. Pilots will choose five manoeuvres from the Grass Roots list (See notes *).

The second round is a freestyle flight where the pilot can show off their capabilities in a 2:30 to 3:00 minute flight.

After all competitors have flown these two rounds, the scores are tallied up and the winners are announced.

When and where

The first 3D Championship Grass Roots competition is being held at Milton Keynes Helicopter Club on Saturday June 12th 2010.

Entries are limited to 30 pilots and are offered on a first come first served basis.

Entering the competition

Entries have rolled in steadily since we launched the competition just over 2 weeks ago, and this years competition is now full.

Sorry if you missed out this year!

The competitor entry fee is £15 per pilot plus a refundable £15 deposit which will be given back to pilots on the day (the deposit system is in place to try and stop people from filling up the spaces with no intention of competing). If paying by paypal, please add £2 to cover fees. Paypal fees will not be refunded (only £15 refunded after you compete!)

You do NOT need to have an A or B certificate from the BMFA to enter the competition. However, if you don’t hold a B certificate, you will need someone standing with you who does. This can be your own caller, or a third person that we can “provide” for you.


*The Grass Roots set manoeuvres list is designed to fit skill levels starting at the 3D beginner and going right up to the low end of the lower 3D Championship level. The manoeuvres start at a level that the pilot might expect to see in the BMFA “A” test. Moving up the list, the manoeuvres rise to the level you would see in the BMFA “B” test and at the top end there starts to be some crossover to the lower levels of the 3D Championship Set Manoeuvres.

The list can be viewed on http://www.3dformat.co.uk/set-manoeuvres/#grassroots

Camping on-site

Milton Keynes Helicopter Club will charge £5 for a pitch with a free breakfast on the Saturday morning included. Sausage or bacon butty including tea.

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Trade Stands

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