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The Venue

The Venue for 2017 will be confirmed shortly.

Wombcancer Support is the Charity for 2016

Click to view details of Wombcancer Support UK

FPV Competition

Welcome to 3D championship first FPV competition. We will be running a Grand Prix style race 23rd September Friday morning practice session and Friday afternoon (from 14:00) poll position timed laps for the Grand Prix Race Saturday 24th September and Sunday 25th September. Pilot entry £35 with £10 refund upon check in.

3 Laps timed for pilot classification.

6 competitors 2 min races with the top 4 pilots having the most laps going through to the final race on Sunday.


FPV Pilot application


  • All pilots have to attend a general safety briefing and sign the appropriate waivers from the race organizer and venue.
  • All pilots must demonstrate effective Fail-Safe procedures defined by the Safety Director. In most cases this is a “Power Down, no pulse” method, where the aircraft will immediately cease flight by stopping all motors and operation if it loses contact with the radio transmitter.
  • All pilots must have an “ARMING” position switch or sequence on their radio. The aircraft should not power up by any accidental controls from the radio. Aircraft arming may be executed by a specific switch on the radio, or by a sequence (e.g. yaw right) to actively arm the radio.
  • All pilots must demonstrate an airworthy airframe and pass a general mechanics and electronics test.
  • Pilots must use FPV to pilot aircraft. This can be with goggles or a ground station, LCD type display.
  • Pilots must not power up video transmitters unless they have the express permission of the Race Director e.g. they are about to take part in a race.

Race layout

Racetrack Final



FPV Pilot application

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Event Sponsors

If you would like to be an event sponsor this year, please contact us.

Trade Stands

If you would like to bring a trade stand to this years 3D Championship in September, please contact us.